Patience and PTD.

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It has been a while since my last Intermezzo post.
“it will take longer than expected”, Frans, my piano technician told me a few weeks ago.
Even after fine-tuning the Bechstein action as much as he could, there’s still an imbalance, it plays irregularly. For a while it even looked like the quest for the “perfectly playing instrument” would end prematurely.

But then he came up with another plan: PTD, Precision Touch Design.
Yesterday we talked and decided to give PTD a go. Together with a colleague specialized in this technique, coming weeks they will work on “the old lady” as I sometimes call my Bechstein😉.

Then, what is PTD?

I yet have to study it thoroughly but as I understand it now PTD is a way of fine-tuning a piano action where all the parts are being weighed and if necessary adapted to come to a really balanced working. In PTD the technician takes not only the key weight but the whole piano action into account, from key to hammer. Using a computer program to find the ideal working of all the parts, searching for the “magic line” as it is called.

the “empty” Bechstein at home

For those who want to know more about this method, visit the inventor’s website:

As much as I trust Frans it still feels a bit scary, this major operation. But as the saying goes : nothing ventured, nothing gained! And yes, my patience is being tested but it is the result that counts in the end.

So I have to ask you, subscribers to Bechstein tapes, to have some patience too. To put things in perspective: I feel lucky the delay is not covid-related.

I thought about posting without a recording but decided against it. Bechstein tapes is not a scholarly site  but a blog to share my personal thoughts on playing classical piano music. A recording, even my “one shot, non-perfect home recording”, is an essential part of that.

So we’ll wait, à bientôt!

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7 months ago

Fingers crossed – but not when playing ,,, 😉

7 months ago

It’s all about having faith Paul ….. and you have it! Great.