Waiting for Godot?

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Last time I was waiting for my technician Frans and his collegae Paul to finish their work on my Bechstein’s action, now the three of us are waiting.
Waiting for new parts for the piano action to be delivered by Renner. Renner, the famous German piano action builder has been acquired by Steinway. Which, together with corona times, is the cause for a delay in delivery. (at least that’s what they say)

As you can see in the pictures below even the base plate of the piano action is being renewed, the pins where the keys fall into are to be re-positioned. Actually they’re going to rebuild the whole action, using some old and some new parts.

Where the latter still have to be delivered…………..

To be honest, instead of getting grumpy about yet another delay I’m pretty excited now I begin to understand what Frans and Paul are up to: putting together an action which will be custom made for my Bechstein.
All this according to PTD guidelines but with an open mind to the instrument on hand, not blindly following PTD “rules”. I must say this approach appeals to me.

So we’re not waiting for Godot because some day the parts will come and the work will be finished.
We’re waiting for Renner-Steinway!

(and of course for everyone to have their covid jabs so in a few months we’ll be able to return to theaters and concert halls!)

Let me end this blog with a quote from commercial tv: “stay with us, we’ll be back after the break” 😉 .

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Kees van Lent
4 months ago

Nice mechanics matter! I see a different pivot point in a lever, which makes the moment different. I think that should start to feel very different anyway! But especially due to the total overhaul of the entire action, you will undoubtedly get a nice even attack! Exciting Paul!

Mooie mechanica materie! Ik zie een ander scharnierpunt in een hefboom, waardoor het moment anders is. Dat moet sowieso heel anders gaan voelen lijkt mij! Maar vooral door de totale revisie van de gehele action zal je ongetwijfeld een fijne gelijkmatige aanslag krijgen! Spannend Paul!

Leon Frijns
5 months ago

Hi Paul, that looks impressive. I can’t judge it but I’m sure it will work out fine! Regards, Leon 🙂

Hoi Paul,
Dat ziet er indrukwekkend uit. Beoordelen kan ik het niet, maar het zal zeker goed komen!
Groet, Leon 🙂

Peter Bremers
5 months ago

Looks promising !