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Welcome to this music-blog dedicated to classical piano music ánd my old Bechstein B grandpiano. A blog on the art of piano playing, on studying the art of piano playing. From touch to tone.

My name is Paul Hoffman, I live in the Netherlands.
In this blog I will post my recordings of piano pieces ánd write about them: musical content, technical issues, personal memories, historical circumstances, anecdotes etc.
My main objective is that pianists and lovers of piano music will post comments. Either with remarks on my playing or additions to my writings on a piece. Thus sharing our views on piano music. As to learn from each other and appreciate the music even more. Let’s use the internet at its best: communication without borders in a positive and creative atmosphere.

And then: my Bechstein grand piano, it’s about 100 years old. Bechstein is famous for its distinctive sound. Some call it velvet, others romantic. I like it?. I like the intimate, recognizable sound. It’s not an easy instrument to play. Although my piano technician, Frans Sikkema, tirelessly made many adjustments and tweaked it over the years it still responds somewhat “untamed”. But then, that’s also the beauty of this instrument, one has to build a relationship with it, get to know it. I’m still learning.

Why did I decide to start ablog and not for example record a CD?

Being a professionally trained pianist I make my living mainly as a piano teacher. I find teaching a very rewarding thing to do but it is the “art of playing” that makes me a musician. Though classically trained I’ve also played jazz and pop since my teens. After my graduation, when I did a concert or gig it was mostly in jazz/pop bands. As much as I like playing jazz and pop let me also be honest: putting together a classical solo program requires such a focus and amount of study I simply didn’t have that time and energy next to family life and my teaching job. Thus playing classical music became a pleasure in the sparse free hours at home.

When turning 60 this year I decided the time had come to return to my roots, my old love: classical piano music. That’s where it all began. I still remember how it almost felt like an intitiation into a secret and mysterious world when I went to music school and Conservatory.
My ambition is not to try to restart my career and seek recognition in playing solo recitals. No, I wholeheartedly leave that to the young and eager pianists: it’s their turn, their time.
No, I would like to share my love for and insights on piano music. While the fingers are becoming a little rusty with beginning arthrosis my thoughts on music deepen and broaden. Aging brings advantages of its own 🙂 .

Please Note: these are not studio-recordings, there is no editing or otherwise any manipulation of my playing done. I record a few takes and then decide which one to use for the blog. This means you will sometimes hear mistakes or other unintentional play. Or the birds in my garden or a car driving by. So be it, I can only hope that my musical ideas will compensate for this.

That’s it for now, let the music speak.  I sincerely hope my blog will be interesting and inspiring to you!

Visit paulhoffman.nl for my pianoteacher website (Dutch).

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Jo Leunissen
3 years ago

Heel mooi initiatief, Paul! ?
Ga proberen je te volgen en van je muziek te genieten.
Succes ermee!

3 years ago

Hi Paul, great initiative. Interesting and exciting, a learning and a enjoyable experience all together. The Mozart piece I liked very much. Thanks for sharing – goodluck, and looking forward to all what is to come …

Bas Toscani
3 years ago

Geweldig interessant en en ik vind het een prachtig initatief.

Nippy Noya
3 years ago

Recently, i found out and did realise: Bach is improvising as well

3 years ago
Reply to  Nippy Noya

Yes, he certainly did Nippy. Actually it was quite common practice at the time. Nowadays,in classical music organplayers still honor that tradition.But it is jazz ofcourse where improvising became the most prominent.

Leon Frijns
3 years ago

Een mooi initiatief Paul, echt super! Dank je wel!

Sascha Baggerman
3 years ago

Beste Paul,
Ik heb je eerste blog met veel interesse gelezen en beluisterd, met twee aandachtige kinderen naast me… Ik kijk uit naar de volgende.

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